How to get a visa to travel to Iran ?

Like any other country, Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of issuing different types of visa which is granted to those applying through Iranian consulates round the globe. The procedure starts after submitting your documents and the duration depends on your nationality and on the consulate where you have applied. Tourist visa is issued for a maximum of 30 days initially which can later be extended inside the country. But in most cases, you need to get an authorization letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This procedure can be really time-consuming and sometimes may go in vain.

How to get an  Iran Tourist Visa in 7 easy steps?

1. Fill out the online application form.
2. Wait for the application receipt confirmation and application fee payment instructions.
3. Pay the service fee. (USD25.00) [the total amount you pay depends on the payment option taken] 
4. You will receive the visa authorization code after the application is processed.
5. Refer to the Iranian consulate you have selected and collect your visa.
6. Inform us about the receipt of the visa.
7. Enjoy visiting Iran!

As an official travel agent, we can get this authorization letter for you in 10 working days upon receiving your application. Just fill in the form and send us the first page of your passport scan. It will be submitted to the Ministry of foreign Affairs and after going through the procedures, the authorization letter will be faxed to the Iranian consulate you mentioned in the form. You can then collect your visa at the consulate using the reference code we will give you.


If you are a citizen of US, UK, or Canada, the visa application will be a little bit different for you.

The Here’s how it should be done:

  1. Find a valid Travel agency in Iran to do your visa application on your behalf.
  2. As you may have already heard, you will need a detailed itinerary to travel to Iran. Therefore, choose all the cities that you wish to visit during your stay and let us know so that we can make a complete itinerary.
  3. Fill the application form.
  4. Send us a colored scan of your passport along with all the other required documents.
  5. As a citizen of America, Canada, or UK, you will need to submit a brief resume of yourself, as well.
  6. The visa application for American, Canadian and British citizens may take up to 60 days. After all the requirements are met, we will apply to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for you.
  7. After receiving your Visa Grant Notice, show up in an Iranian embassy or consulate to collect your visa.

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