Winter vacation

Kerman Shahdad Lut Desert in Iran

If you decided to travel to Iran in winter, we can reassure you that you choose the right time. That is because the best time to travel to southern parts of Iran is in winter and fall. You will experience and see events in winter that is only exclusive to the season.

On the last days of January, you can visit the Zoroastrian mid-winter feast called “Jashn-e-Sadeh”, held in Kerman and Yazd, where most of Zoroaster people live. Zoroaster people make a very large bonfire, as the symbol of defeating “Ahriman” (Satan), because fire and its light have assumed holy in ancient Iran’s philosophy before Islam. They gather around the bonfire, say prayers in ancient Persian language and wish their soul to remain pure and innocent.

Moreover, in this tour you will visit fabulous daffodil fields, one of the most beautiful and most fragrant flowers in the world, in your travel to the southern parts of Iran in winter.

Beside the attraction that can only be seen in winter, we have organized some other plans for you to enjoy your time:

You can enjoy walking with your bare feet on soft desert sands and enjoy the shining sun,

You will also experience some hours of different lifestyle with nomads native to southern part of the country.

Tour Itinerary Duration

(19 Days)

After arrival at Tehran international airport our representative welcomes and guides you to your hotel residence. Overnight stay in Tehran

Day 1 (Tehran)

Visiting Golestan Palace(UNESCO World Heritage Site), Bazar of Tehran and the National Jewelry Museum. In the evening, we will go to Darband or the “Tabiat” bridge. O/N in Tehran

Day 2 (Kashan)

Heading towards Kashan. We will visit Fin Garden (UNESCO W.H.S), then we will visit historical bazar and houses and pay a visit to the amazing underground city of Noushabad. O/N in Kashan

Day 3 (Kashan-Matin Abad)

Leave Kashan to Matin Abad Eco-Resort & Organic Farm. There, you can experience treks with camel ride or walk; ride bikes through waves of sand and mountain valleys, and can even enjoy desert walks in the beautiful starlit nights. O/N in Matin Abad Desert Camp

Day 4 (Matin Abad-Isfahan)

Today we hit the road to the city of Isfahan. Visiting the beautiful Naghsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO W.H.S). At the end we will pay a visit to Assar Khaneh (Oil press House) and Chehel Sotoun Garden (UNESCO W.H.S). O/N in Isfahan

Day 5 (Isfahan)

Visiting Jame’e Mosque(UNESCO W.H.S), then visiting the magnificent Vank Cathedral, in the evening we will go to the historic bridge of Si-o-se pol and Khaju. O/N in Isfahan


Day 6 (Varzaneh)

A two hour car ride to Varzaneh desert. Feeling the sand in the desert and getting to know the conditions of life in the desert are going to form the most attractive moments of this trip. O/N in Varzaneh

Day 7 (Varzaneh-Yazd)

2.5 hours car ride toward Yazd, Yazd is the only UNESCO World Heritage city in Iran. On the way if possible, we will visit the Narin Castle. O/N in Yazd

Day 8 (Yazd)

Visit Dolat Abad Garden (UNESCO W.H.S), Also Visiting the Yazd Zoroastrian Temple, Silent Tower, Jame’e Mosque, and Amir Chakhmagh Complex is in our plan for today. O/N in Yazd

Day 9 (Yazd-Kerman)

Heading towards Kerman from Yazd. Kerman is the center of Pistachio farming in Iran. In the afternoon we will visit historic monuments. O/N in Kerman

Day 10 (Kerman-Shahdad)

Visiting Shahdad (Lut Desert), in the heart of Lut desert your eyes may fall into strange earthly structures, it seems you have entered a city, City without inhabitants. O/N in Shahdad

Day 11 (Sahahdad-Mahan)

Car ride from Mahan to Rafsanjan to visit Haj Agha Ali House. O/N in Rafsanjan or Shahre Babak

Day 12 (Rafsanjan-Pasargad)

390 Km car ride (taking approximately 4:45 hours) toward Pasargad. There we will visit the tomb of Cyrus the great(UNESCO W.H.S). O/N in Pasargad

Day 13 (Pasargad-Shiraz)

Today we will visit Persepolis (UNESCO W.H.S). Though twenty-five hundred years have come and gone, the impressive architecture of Persepolis still holds the viewer spellbound. Then we will visit Naqsh-e Rostam(Necropolis). Darius erected his tomb in this spot, which might have traditionally been considered sacred. We will then continue our way to the city of Shiraz. O/N in Shiraz

Day 14 (Shiraz)

Visiting Zandiyeh complex, the monuments of these complex including the Mosque, Bathhouse, Castle and Bazaar, take you to the time when Shiraz was chosen as the capital of Iran. We will also visit Nasir al-mulk Mosque and Narenjestan-e Qavam. O/N in Shiraz

Day 15 (Shiraz)

Pay a visit to the Eram Garden (UNESCO W.H.S). Then we will visit the tomb of great poets Sa’di and Hafez. O/N in Shiraz

Day 16 (Shiraz-Kazerun)

3 hours Car ride toward Kazerun, visiting Anahita Temple and Tang-e Chogan which date back to the Sassanid era (UNESCO W.H.S). O/N in Kazerun

Day 17 (Kazerun-Ahvaz)

We will go from Kazerun to Ahvaz (taking approximately 5 hours). O/N in Ahvaz

Day 18 (Ahvaz-Shush-Shushtar-Ahvaz)

Move towards Susa to visit ancient hills of Susa (UNESCO W.H.S); one of the oldest civilizations in the world, dating back to 5,000 B.C. Also visiting the tomb of Biblical Prophet Daniel and Shushtar Aquatic Structures (UNESCO W.H.S). O/N in Ahvaz

Day 19 (Ahvaz-Tehran)

A brief sightseeing in the city of Ahvaz and flying back to Tehran, at night heading to Imam Khomeini International Airport to bid goodbye to the moments of journey to Iran.