Iran Village Tour

For those tourists who would like to experience an exotic trip, “Iran Village Tour” is a great choice. Our main focus during this trip will be on a few villages that are very rich and important both historically and also from the point of view of anthropology.

Since these villages are very scattered all over the country, and in order to save your time and expenses, we will start the trip from the city of Shiraz in the south and end it at the city of Tabriz in the northwest.

The daily flight of Turkish airline, Fly Dubai and Qatar Airways to the main cities in Iran allow you to plan your trips whenever you please.


Tour Itinerary Duration

(13 Days)

Arrival at Shiraz International Airport and transfer to your residence hotel by our representative. Overnight stay in Shiraz

Day 1 (Shiraz)

Visit Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, The Holy Shrine, Qavam Orengary and Zandiyeh Complex (which goes back to the time when Shiraz was the capital of Iran). In the evening we will visit the Eram Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the tomb of Sa’adi and Hafez. O/N in Shiraz

Day 2 (Shiraz-Sa’adatshahr)

Visiting Persepolis (UNESCO W.H.S), and Naqsh-e Rustam (Necropolis), then we will go to an old house dating back to 100 years ago in Sa’adatshahr city. Staying at this small and quaint house and eating local cuisine will give you a sense of life in old Iranian style. Staying at a nomadic tent besides the nomads “Baseri” and “Kurdshuli” is another choice offered to you. O/N in the cottage or the nomadic tent in Sa’adatshahr

Day 3 (Sa’adatshahr-Maymand Village)

Today we visit the Great Cyrus’s tomb, the founder of the Achaemenid Dynasty (UNESCO W.H.S), then we move to the village of Maymand (UNESCO W.H.S) in Kerman province. The thought of a night’s stay at a village that has remained intact for several thousand years and inhabited by man for millennia, takes you to the depths of history! O/N in Maymand Village

Day 4 (Maymand Village-Mehriz-Yazd)

In the morning we will have an excursion in the Village, then we leave Maymand for the city of Mehriz in Yazd Province. In Mehriz we visit Pahlavanpour Garden (UNESCO W.H.S) and Zein-o-din Caravanserai. The caravanserai dates to the 16th century and is situated on the ancient Silk Road. We will also visit Saryazd Castle which is a historical castle built during Sassanid Dynasty (the 3th_ 7th century) in Saryazd village. O/N in Mehriz or Yazd

Day 5 (Yazd)

All day long sightseeing in the city, Visiting Dolat Abad Garden (UNESCO W.H.S), Zoroastrian temple, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Towers of Silence and Jame’e Mosque. O/N in Yazd

Day 6 (Yazd-Varzaneh Desert)

Move toward Varzaneh, on the way, first we will visit Maybod; an ancient city which goes back to pre-Islamic arena and is the home to many ancient points of interests. In Maybod we will visit the Narin Castle. Then move to Varzaneh Desert. We can set up camps there, so you can enjoy the fabulous starry night view of the desert. O/N in Varzaneh

Day 7 (Varzaneh-Isfahan)

You can experience driving car and riding camels and add a bit of excitement into your journey. You will visit “Asiab-e Shotor (literally camel mill)” museum. Then hit the road to Isfahan. O/N in Isfahan

Day 8 (Varzaneh-Isfahan)

Visiting the magnificent historical and architectural monuments of the city of Isfahan. O/N in Isfahan

Day 9 (Isfahan-Abyaneh Village)

Car-ride to Abyaneh historical village. Houses of the village are made of red soil and with step architucture. We will have excursion in this beautiful village and then hit the road to Kashan; the city of historic houses. O/N on Kashan

Day 10 (Kashan-Tehran)

In Kashan we will visit Fin Garden (UNESCO W.H.S), historic houses of Tabatabaei and Boroujerdi and continue to Tehran. O/N in Tehran

Day 11 (Tehran)

Visit Golestan Palace (UNESCO W.H.S) and the National Jewelry Museum. Like other capitals in the world, the most important museum and palaces of Iran are located in the city of Tehran. For example: The Carpet Museum, Reza Abbasi Museum, National Museum of Iran and Sa’ad Abad Complex. Due to city traffic and time constraints depending on your interest, we can visit one of these places. O/N in Tehran

Day 12 (Tehran-Village of Masuleh)

Car-ride to Fuman City and then move towards Rudkhan Castle which is one of the most magnificent military Castles in Iran.

Visit stare-like Village of masuleh and sightseeing local market. O/N in Masuleh

Day 13 (Masuleh-Anzali)

Going to Anzali Lagoon, which is one of the biggest natural habitats in Iran. During summer, the migrating birds immigrate to this Lagoon from east of Africa and India to lay eggs. We continue our way to the dream-like road of Asalem and stay at a quaint little village.

Day 14 (Anzali-Ardebil)

Move towards the city of Ardebil, we will Visit the shrine of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardebili (UNESCO W.H.S). O/N in Ardebil


Day 15 (Ardebil-Tabriz)

Going from Ardabil to Tabriz, visiting the Bazaar of Tabriz which is the largest covered traditional bazaar in the world (UNESCO W.H.S). Visiting the Museum of Azerbaijan and the Blue Mosque. O/N in Tabriz

Day 16 (Tabriz-Kandovan)

Visit the wondrous village of Kandovan, one of the three rocky villages in the world. This village exemplifies manmade cliff dwellings which are still inhabited.

At night you will head to Tabriz international airport to bid goodbye to the moments of this trip and return.