Iran, from ancient times to present days

This is one of our most popular tours in the few past years. Each and every one of the places you will visit during this trip has its own story: a story of the kings, soldiers, poets, merchants and architects to name a few among others who have spent their lives long ago here on these lands.

Some of the cities that you will visit on this 13-day tour- like Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz- had been capitals of Iran in the past centuries, hence having unparalleled monuments. Visiting thirteen historical and natural UNESCO world heritage sites have been included.


Tour Itinerary Duration

(13 Days)

Flying in to Tehran international Airport and receiving a welcome from our representative and transfer to your hotel. Overnight stay in Tehran

Day 1 (Tehran)

All-day long sightseeing in the city, Visiting Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Museum of Jewelry and Archaeological Museum that hosts historical monuments dating back through preserved ancient and medieval Iranian antiquities. At night we will visit the symbols of the capital like Tabiat Bridge or Azadi Square. O/N in Tehran

Day 2 (Tehran-Kashan)

Heading to Kashan, the city of historical houses. A visit to Fin historical Garden (UNESCO W.H.S), the historic Houses and Bazar and if possible pay a visit to the amazing underground city of Noushabad. O/N in Kashan

Day 3 (Kashan-Abyaneh-Isfahan)

Moving to the city of Isfahan, on the way we will visit the beautiful red village of Abyaneh and then continue to the city of Isfahan. In the evening we will have an excursion in the city. O/N in Isfahan

Day 4 (Isfahan)

Isfahan is like a museum that people live inside it. So if you are fascinated about history, art, architecture, handicrafts and even music, visiting Isfahan could give you the most beautiful moments of your trip. Today we are going to visit the great beauties of this historical city.  O/N in Isfahan

Day 5 (Isfahan-Yazd)

In the morning we will visit Jame’e Mosque (UNESCO’s W.H.S), then heading to the city of Yazd.  O/N in Yazd

Day 6 (Yazd)

Yazd is Iran’s largest adobe city and its monuments boast high architectural values. In this amazing city we pay a visit to Dolat abad Garden (UNESCO W.H.S), a visit to Zoroastrian fire temple, Yazd Jame’e Mosque and Amir Chakhmaq Complex. O/N in Yazd

Day 7 (Yazd-Kerman)

Today we will leave Yazd towards Kerman the capital of pistachio farming in Iran. On the way, we will visit Zeinoddin Caravanserai, a Safavid Caravanserai in the heart of desert which is restored in the best way possible and got two awards from UNESCO in 2005 and 2006. In Kerman we will visit The Ganjali-khan Complex. O/N in Kerman

Day 8 (Kerman-Lut Desert-Mahan)

Move to the Lut Desert to visit Yardang. Geologists refer to this desert as one of hottest regions of the earth. Then car ride to Mahan city. O/N in Mahan

Day 9 (Mahan-Maymand Village)

In the morning we will visit Shazdeh Garden (UNESCO W.H.S). Afterwards we will have 320 Km car-ride to the village of Maymand (UNESCO W.H.S). O/N in Maymand

Day 10 (Maymand Village-Pasargad)

Visit to millennia old village of Maymand (UNESCO W.H.S). This village is a paradigm of hand carved architecture and interaction between Man and nature showing the least amount of intrusions and occurrences of human damage to nature. Then Move towards the city of Pasargad. O/N in Pasargad

Day 11 (Pasargad-Shiraz)

Today we will visit the tomb of Cyrus the Great (UNESCO W.H.S), then we pay a visit to Persepolis(UNESCO W.H.S) which was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire, visit Necropolis(Naqsh-e Rostam), afterwards we continue our way to the city of Shiraz. O/N in Shiraz

Day 12 (Shiraz)

Visit the Zandiyeh Complex. In the afternoon we will visit Eram Garden (UNESCO W.H.S) and then the tomb of Khajoy-e-Kermani from where the perspective of the mysterious city of Shiraz will remain in your mind. Finally visit the tomb of Sa’adi and Hafez (two of the greatest Iranian poets) which have a pretty special atmosphere to them at night. O/N in Shiraz

Day 13 (Shiraz-Flight to Tehran)

In the morning visit the Nasir al-mulk Mosque(Pink Mosque), Narenjestan-e Qavam and the Holy Shrine(Big Mosque). In the afternoon flight to Tehran. On request, we can book the hotel in Tehran for some hours or a whole night in accordance with your departure time.