Desert Tour

desert tour iran

Feel the maddening silence of the desert and in its sky with no light in it, gaze out to the Milky Way. Experience life in the parched desert and see the people living there. Already you can imagine yourself as a trader, riding on a camel in the historic and mysterious Silk Road, delivering their goods from China to Europe. We will make this imagination into a reality for you.  Join us for our next trip in Iran desert tours.


Tour Itinerary Duration

(12 Days)

Flying into Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, receiving a warm welcome from our representative, transfer to hotel.

Day 1 (Tehran-Maranjab Desert)

In the first day of our Desert tour, you leave for The Maranjab Desert. In The Maranjab Desert, you will visit Salt Lake. You will see wonderful landscapes in geometric shapes as a result of salt sediments through rainfall and evaporation process. You will walk on sand domes and if get lucky, you may even be able to catch sight of the animals living in the area. At the end of the day you will go to Maranjab caravanserai, which was located in the Silk Road once. Overnight stay in Maranjab Desert

Day 2 (Maranjab-Kashan)

You will leave Maranjab Desert for Kashan, which is known for its historic architecture. In Kashan, you will have a visit of Fin Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and historic houses. If we can manage, we will also visit Underground city of NoushabadO/N in Kashan

Day 3 (Kashan-Isfahan)

You will leave Kashan for Isfahan. In the afternoon, you will have a walk in the Armenian area Julfa and you will visit the beautiful Vank cathedral and Isfahan Music Museum. O/N in Isfahan

Day 4 (Isfahan)

Today, you will visit the fantastic Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO W.H.S), Chehel Sotoun (UNESCO W.H.S) and Hasht Behesht Garden. O/N in Isfahan

Day 5 (Isfahan-Varzaneh Desert)

After a two-hour drive from Isfahan, you arrive in Khara Desert. At the very first sight, you will be charmed when the desert reveals its marvelous side to you. All of a sudden, you find yourself in pure nature with no track of trees, roads and traffic signs. Everywhere is covered with shifting dunes.

The desert tour gets more exciting as you visit historic buildings and places such as Kaboutarkhaneh (Dovecote), and Gavkhouni swamp. You can also experience driving car and riding camels. O/N in Varzaneh

Day 6 (Varzaneh-Yazd)

You will today leave Varzaneh Desert for Yazd province. Walking in the ancient narrow alleys of the city of Yazd and watching historic cafés, restaurants and hotels with their brick walls will be greatly appealing. In Yazd you will also visit historic monuments like Jame’e Mosque, Alexander’s Prison, and Amir Chakhmaq Complex. O/N in Yazd

Day 7 (Yazd-Mehriz)

 You will have a visit to Pahlavanpur Garden (UNESCO W.H.S) in Mahriz city and also to Zein-o-din Caravanserai and Saryazd Castle all of which are among architectur of desert areas in Iran. O/N in Mahriz or Yazd

Day 8 (Yazd-Kerman)

Traveling to the city of Kerman. O/N in Kerman

Day 9 (Kerman-Mahan)

Today you will visit Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine who was a prominent Iranian poet and mystic and also Shazdeh Garden (UNESCO W.H.S). O/N in Mahan or Kerman

Day 10 (Mahan-Lut Desert)

We will depart for Lut Desert. In the heart of Lut desert your eyes may fall into strange earthly structures, it seems you have entered a city, City without inhabitants. O/N desert camp or a traditional hotel in Shahdad

Day 11 (Shahdad-Kerman city-Tehran)

Traveling from Lut Desert to Kerman city, which is the capital of Kerman province. You will have a brief visit of Kerman city and flying back to Tehran. O/N in Tehran

Day 12 (Tehran-Return Flight)

Visiting Golestan Palace (UNESCO W.H.S), traditional Bazaar of Tehran and Depending on the day of arrival in Tehran visiting the Museum of Jewelry. At night move to Imam Khomeini International Airport to bid goodbye to the sweet moments of this trip to Iran.