A glance of Persia

“A glance of Persia” or “Iran Classic Tour” is our best suggestion to the tourists planning to visit Iran and they have little time for their trip. It is an opportunity to discover Iran’s rich culture and history and its warm-hearted people have always welcomed travelers from all over the world to Iran. Although it has been a bit isolated from the rest of the world for the past few decades, it’s now opening its doors to all of those who cannot afford to miss the chance to visit Iran.


Tour Itinerary Duration

(8 Days)


Flying into Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, receiving a warm welcome from our representative, transfer to hotel.

DAY 1 (Tehran)​

Visiting Golestan Palace(UNESCO World Heritage Site). At noon you will have your first Iranian food at the Bazaar of Tehran. Then visiting the museum of jewelry which attracts the attention of any visitor. At night, we will have a walk and dinner at Darband or Tabiat Bridge.Overnight stay in Tehran

Day 2 (Tehran-Kashan)

Heading to Kashan, the city of historical houses. A visit to Fin historical Garden (UNESCO W.H.S), the historic Houses of Tabatabaeiha and Brujerdiha and if possible pay a visit to the amazing underground city of Noushabad. O/N in Kashan

Note: One of Kashan attractions is watching Damask rose fields in the suburbs of this desert city. If you intend to travel to Iran in May, do not miss the rose picking and traditional “Golabgiri” (making rosewater) festival. Add another night to your tour plan.

Day 3 (Kashan-Isfahan)

Moving to the city of Isfahan, in the afternoon we will pay a visit to the magnificent Vank Cathedral and sightseeing in the Armenian quarter of Jolfa. We will go the Isfahan Music Museum, there you can see more than 300 instruments from around Iran variety of animal-skin drums, reed flutes (ney), nomadic camel bells and a majestic harp, all in beautifully lit glass cabinets on crisp white walls. Visitors are welcome to pick up and try the less precious pieces. Your visit culminates in a small, intimate performance, where traditional love songs and Persian poetry are played by modern masters. O/N in Isfahan

Day 4 (Isfahan)

Today you will see the most beautiful works of Islamic architecture and tiling in Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO W.H.S), then we will go inside the Chehel-sotoun Garden (UNESCO W.H.S) and Hasht Behesht Garden. O/N in Isfahan

Day 5 (Isfahan-Yazd)

A two hour car ride to Varzaneh Desert. Feeling the sand in the desert and getting to know the conditions of life in the desert are going to form the most attractive moments of this trip. Then we will continue our way to the city of Yazd. O/N in Yazd

Day 6 (Yazd)

Yazd is Iran’s largest adobe city and its monuments boast high architectural values. In this amazing city we pay a visit to Dolat abad Garden (UNESCO W.H.S), Zoroastrian fire temple of Yazd, Yazd Jame’e Mosque and Amir Chakhmaq Complex. O/N in Yazd

Day 7 (Pasargad-Shiraz)

Today we will visit the tomb of Cyrus the Great (UNESCO W.H.S), then we pay a visit to Persepolis (UNESCO W.H.S) which was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire, visit Necropolis(Naqsh-e Rustam), afterwards we continue our way to the city of Shiraz. O/N in Shiraz

Day 8 (Shiraz)

Visit the Zandiyeh Complex dating back to the time when Karim khan sat on the throne in Iran and chose Shiraz as the capital, visit the Holy Shrine, Nasir al-mulk Mosque, Orangery of Ghavam. In the afternoon flight to Tehran.

On request, we can book the hotel in Tehran for some hours or a whole night in accordance with your departure time.